Epoxy Resins
top coat 600
from €26,10 excl. VAT
from €31,58 / pcs

VEROPAL TOP COAT 600 is a clear, UV-resistant, fast-curing and well bubbles releasing epoxy resin suitable for casting thin surface layers of around 1-5 mm. Supplied as a set...

Code: 1820/1-5
uv plus 100
from €31,33 excl. VAT
from €37,91 / pcs

VEROPAL UV PLUS 100 is a clear, maximally UV-resistant, self-leveling and well bubble releasing epoxy resin with food contact certification, suitable for casting layers up to 10...

Code: 44/1-4
clear cast 300
from €18,26 excl. VAT
from €22,10 / pcs

VEROPAL CLEARCAST 300 is a clear, moderately UV-resistant, low-viscosity and well bubble-releasing epoxy resin with food contact certification suitable for casting layers up to...

Code: 1838/1-4
art 430
from €41,32 up to –15 %
from €29,10 excl. VAT
from €35,21 / pcs

VEROPAL ART 430 is a clear, thick, UV-resistant epoxy resin suitable for the production of epoxy paintings, geode art, jewelry and casting surface layers around 1-5 mm....

Code: 1871/1-3
transparent 200
from €29,38 excl. VAT
from €35,55 / pcs

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT 200 is a clear, highly UV-resistant, low-viscosity and well bubble-releasing epoxy resin suitable for casting layers up to 5 cm. Supplied as a set of resin...

Code: 1829/1-5
rebido 500
from €18,88 excl. VAT
from €22,85 / pcs

VEROPAL REBIDO 500 is a clear, UV-resistant, fast-curing and well bubble-releasing epoxy resin suitable for casting repeated thin layers approx. 1-5 mm or as upper surface layer...

Code: 1826/1-6
Pigments and Dyes
Black Onyx Black Diamond Pigments 51g
from €4,01 excl. VAT
from €4,85 / pcs

Black Diamond pigment Black Onyx is a high-quality metallic pigment of a rich black color with a hint of mother-of-pearl, giving projects a touch of luxury.

Code: 1541/5G
Eye Candy pigments Nokon Blue
from €4,01 excl. VAT
from €4,85 / pcs

EYE CANDY pigment NOKON BLUE is a high quality metallic pigment with a beautiful deep full dark blue color and metallic effect.

Code: 1634/5G
Peacock Massacre Veropal Mica Pigments 28g
from €3,66 excl. VAT
from €4,43 / pcs

VEROPAL MICA pigment PEACOCK MASSACRE is an eye-pleasing metallic pigment with a shimmering blue-green color and fine metallic reflections. Lightfast, long-term tested.

Code: 2090/5G
Black Diamond Pigments Iridescent Green 51g
€18,12 excl. VAT
€21,93 / pcs

Black Diamond pigment Iridescent Green is a metallic pigment with an exceptional iridescent green color.

Code: 1459
Pure White Black Diamond Pigments 51g
from €4,01 excl. VAT
from €4,85 / pcs

Black Diamond pigment Pure White is a high-quality, slightly radiant white metallic pigment with excellent coverage.

Code: 1499/5G
Eye Candy Pigments Baku Red 25g
from €4,01 excl. VAT
from €4,85 / pcs

Eye Candy pigment Baku Red is a red metallic pigment with varying shades from pink to deep red.

Code: 599/5G
Tuscan Sunset Black Diamond pigment 51g
€18,12 excl. VAT
€21,93 / pcs

Black Diamond Pigment Tuscan Sunset is a quality metallic pigment of soft yellow color for epoxy production.

Code: 1461
Stardust Candy Gold barvivo do epoxidu
€4,70 excl. VAT
€5,69 / pcs

Stardust Candy Gold is a golden concentrated fast-drying alcohol dye in epoxy, polyester or polyurethane resin. Creates golden transparent castings.

Code: P747_V1740
Surface Finishes
Odie's Dark Oil tmavý olej na dřevo
Odie's Dark Oil Dark Wood Oil
Skladem u dodavatele - dostupnost do 7 dní
€69,52 excl. VAT
€84,12 / pcs

Odie's Dark Oil is a very effective wood-penetrating mixture of natural oxidizing hardwax oils and waxes for highlighting the natural color, beauty and structure of wood...

Code: 2187
Howard Butcher Block Conditioner
from €4,17 up to –12 %
Howard Butcher Block Conditioner
Momentálně nedostupné
from €3,45 excl. VAT
from €4,17 / pcs

Howard Butcher Block Conditioner is a protective and revitalizing blend of natural Brazilian carnauba wax, real beeswax and pure mineral oil to protect and maintain wooden...

Code: P79_V437
Rubio Monocoat Cleaner 1L čistič dřeva
Rubio Monocoat Cleaner
Skladem (>5 pcs)
from €12,75 excl. VAT
from €15,43 / pcs

Rubio Monocoat Cleaner is a very effective wood cleaner that is used after sanding and dust extraction. It opens the pores of the wood, cleans the surface and  will prepare...

Code: P1432_V2467
Odie's Wax světlý vosk na dřevo
€78,02 excl. VAT
€94,41 / pcs

Odie's Wax is a quality, highly concentrated, clear and super hard wax for new and old wood indoors and outdoors. A very effective and durable wood finish with a high gloss.

Code: 2188
Howard Wax it all 255g
€8,88 excl. VAT
€10,75 / pcs

Howard Wax-It-All is a thick blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and food grade mineral oil reviving faded surfaces and protecting wood from drying out and cracking. 

Code: 1973
Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C
from €40,21 excl. VAT
from €48,66 / pcs

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a high-quality and environmentally friendly oil coating for wood in the interior, which can tint and protect the surface with just one layer. It is...

Code: P1465_V2536


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