Osmo Top Oil 3068 Natural

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Osmo Top oil 3068 Natural based on natural oils and waxes for perfect protection of wooden surfaces in the interior and preservation of the original natural appearance of wood.

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Product detailed description

OSMO Top oil 3068 Natural is a top treatment of natural surfaces while maintaining the natural appearance of the substrate. The coating is almost invisible, it hardly changes the appearance of the painted substrate. It is resistant to household chemicals and is hydrophobic, which means that it repels water very well. Easy paint maintenance and high resistance to scratches and compressive stress. Any stains are easy to remove. Resistant to coffee, wine, alcohol and cola, resistant to sweat and saliva. Health-friendly with certification for contact with food, also suitable for children's toys.

Use for:

  • interior spaces for furniture and worktops of solid and glued wood, cork and OSB boards and terracotta and other unglazed tiles.
  • on the surface of the furniture
  • on wood on walls and ceilings
  • on children's wooden toys


  1. Substrate preparation - the substrate for painting should have a maximum humidity of 20%. Osmo Top oil is ready for direct use, there is no need to dilute it. The wood surface must be dry, clean and not exposed to frost. Thoroughly clean old coatings, varnishes and paints. Sand wood surfaces with sandpaper - final sanding no coarser than P150.
  2. The first coating on raw, sanded wood approx. 35ml / m2.It is best to apply with a lint-free cloth. ,
  3. "Paint defects" can be corrected up to 15 minutes after the first application in a still wet area.
  4. Drying approx. 8-10 hours (in normal climate approx. 23°C / relative humidity approx. 50%). At lower temperatures or higher relative humidity, the drying time increases. It is necessary to ensure good ventilation.
  5. If required, the dried coating can be smoothed between coats with fine sandpaper (grain size 400) or schotchpad.
  6. Second coat approx. 35ml / m2
  7. Drying for about 8-10 hours. For conditions, see point 3.
  8. Yield 24m2 / 1L.

Additional parameters

Category: OSMO oils and waxes for wood
Warranty: 1 year
? Prostředí: Interiér
? Typ povrchové úpravy: Oleje
Vydatnost: 24 m2/L

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OSMO je německý výrobce výrobků pro ošetření dřeva na olejové bázi. Výrobky jsou určeny pro použití v interiéru a exteriéru. Díky olejové bázi nátěr neprasaká a je velmi jednoduché nátěr renovovat. Výrobky OSMO mají špičkovou kvalitu - OSMO jako jediný výrobce garantuje 10 letou životnost nátěru. Aplikace jsou jednoduché, výborně kryjící i bez základního nátěru s vynikající spotřebou na m2. Produkty OSMO jsou zdravotně nezávadné a šetřící životní úroveň.